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Prepaid calling cards, cheap international and domestic calls, free ringtones and encyclopedia of mobile phones The Country of the day: Mauritania
Captial: Nouakchott | Regions: Africa
Currency: Ouguiya | Population: 2747312

Phone card for cheap calls from USA to Mauritania See our rates
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Cheap phone card

     Welcome to where you can order a cheap phone card and get it directly into your e-mail box. We offer the cheapest prepaid phone cards to allow you to make calls to friends and relatives in Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. Our prices are among the best on the internet.
     You may use our phone cards from any places: from home, job or from public phone.
     Order our cheap international prepaid calling card now and start using it immediately! You can get your PIN number via e-mail right after processing your order.
     Our cards will work for calling to all of the locations! You can add money to your card any time using our secure online order form ( Permanent PIN )!

CALL JUST 0.9 cents per minute anywere in continental USA. Prepaid phone cards . Pay 20 dollars and talk 35 hr 5 min. START SAVING TODAY . NO MORE BILLS , SURCHARGES and OTHER.

Today:  5.30.2023
Call from USA to:
Country Rates,¢/min  
USA - Continental0.95 Buy phone cards
Canada0.78 Buy phone cards
India4.80 Buy phone cards
China0.98 Buy phone cards
Italy0.90 Buy phone cards
Mexico2.18 Buy phone cards
Russia - Moscow0.68 Buy phone cards
Ukraine - Kiev6.28 Buy phone cards
Mauritania17.88 Buy phone cards

Buy Card! Now

Call from Canada to:
Country Rates,¢/min  
USA - Continental1.40 Buy phone cards
Canada0.96 Buy phone cards
India4.80 Buy phone cards
China1.15 Buy phone cards
Italy1.57 Buy phone cards
Mexico2.28 Buy phone cards
Russia - Moscow0.91 Buy phone cards
Ukraine - Kiev9.00 Buy phone cards
Mauritania19.06 Buy phone cards

Buy Card! Now

Lehed processes orders for international prepaid phone cards and cheap prepaid phone card. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Lehed is the low cost leader in prepaid phone cards. We provide the best value and service for virtual prepaid calling cards. Our prepaid phone cards are your best choice for long distance savings!

    Bizon phone card:
  • Very popular phone card
  • PIN Free Access!
  • Permanent PIN (refill)
  • No Connection Fee
  • Maintenance Fee - No

    Champion phone card:
  • PIN Free Access!
  • Permanent PIN (refill)
  • No Connection Fee
  • Maintenance Fee - No
  • Validity period - Unlimited

    StarCall phone card:
  • Very cheap rates
  • No Connection Fee
  • Maintenance Fee - 69c/week
  • Rounding - 3 minutes


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