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FAQ: Frequntly Asked Questions

Where can I set up my Referral link?
You can set up your Referral link at any place on the Internet: on any website, in the e-mail, etc.; You can even tell it over the phone.
I donít have my own popular website; does it mean that I wonít be able to receive bonuses from the Referral Program?
No, You still can send e-mails with your Referral link to your friends and relatives and receive bonuses for their purchases.
How do I join Referral Program?
All you need to do is to register with us, just follow this link: Join Partner Program
Why some invoices disappear from my Report?
In rare cases clients ask us for refund. Invoices that were refunded automatically disappear from your Report. Refunds' amount is below 1% of all transactions.
Why some invoice appear in my Report?
The transactions that are found suspicious by the system have to be verified by Customer Service to prevent online fraud. When transaction is sucessfully verified by Customer Service it appears in your Report. If we can't verify transaction within 3 business days we make a refund.

Own Shop Special FAQ

How does the system keep tracking my sales commission?
Your sales tracked using your domain name. You receive commission from all sales on your sites.
Can I use my own domain name?
  • Step 1: Point your Domain to ip address.
  • Step 2: Request Setup for your domain, we will make all necessary changes in our configuration.
If you can't change your domain dns records, we can host dns for your domain. In this case set your domain DNS servers the following way:
  • server1: NS1.MASTERBELL.COM
  • server2: NS12.MASTERBELL.COM
Contact Us for additional setup.
How can I customize my site?
Login to your account, choose "Customize shops" link:
"Customize!" link - to edit your site header/footer/homepage;
"Keywords" link - to edit keywords for any page of your site;
"Upload Images/CSS" link on your login screen - to upload files/CSS.
Do you have ready to use attractive designs?
We have several additional designs.
Install Instructions. To Setup Your Page Design Based on our Predefined Templates
  • Login
  • Click Customize My Shops link.
  • Click Customize Link on the right of shop you want to customize
  • Click Choose Predefined Template for your site under your site TITLE
  • Review ready to use designs and copy one of them to your shop
But we urge partners to change default designs, so sites will not be simular.
How can I make Export Pages to be available for visitors from certain countries only?
Java Script Exports provide the feature of show the pages only for visitors from certain countries (by default for US visitors).
To activate this feature, please add the parameter: usa_only=y View detail
To activate this feature with Iframe Exports, apply the following code: View
I have $xx.xx as a "comission". How can I redeem this money?
If the amount exceeds $50 you can ask us to send you a check or transfer the money to your Pay Pal, Webmoney or bank account.
Or you can buy phone cards from us:
Choose cards you want to buy and press "Buy" button;
If you have sufficient funds on your Savings Account an additional payment method is available for You: "Pay from Savings Account".

Ask a Question Your question can be listed in this list, unless you ask us not to do it

    Bizon phone card:
  • Very popular phone card
  • PIN Free Access!
  • Permanent PIN (refill)
  • No Connection Fee
  • Maintenance Fee - No

    Champion phone card:
  • PIN Free Access!
  • Permanent PIN (refill)
  • No Connection Fee
  • Maintenance Fee - No
  • Validity period - Unlimited

    StarCall phone card:
  • Very cheap rates
  • No Connection Fee
  • Maintenance Fee - 69c/week
  • Rounding - 3 minutes


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